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There are several basic types:

Diagnostic equipment includes medical imaging machines, used to aid in diagnosis. Examples are ultrasound and MRI machines, PET and CT scanners, and x-ray machines.
Therapeutic equipment includes infusion pumps, medical lasers and LASIK surgical machines.
Life support equipment is used to maintain a patient's bodily function. This includes medical ventilators, anaesthetic machines, heart-lung machines, ECMO, and dialysis machines.
Medical monitors allow medical staff to measure a patient's medical state. Monitors may measure patient vital signs and other parameters including ECG, EEG, blood pressure, and dissolved gases in the blood.
Medical laboratory equipment automates or helps analyze blood, urine and genes.
Diagnostic Medical Equipment may also be used in the home for certain purposes, e.g. for the control of diabetes mellitus
A biomedical equipment technician (BMET) is a vital component of the healthcare delivery system. Employed primarily by hospitals, BMETs are the people responsible for maintaining a facility's medical equipment. BMET mainly act as a interface between doctor and equipment,

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What Does An Electroencephalography Actually Do?

As mentioned before, it has the capability of measuring electrical impulses within the brain that are going between your neurons. Fluctuations in the voltage can give doctors a Birdseye view of what is going on inside. This type of test is often done to diagnose sleeping disorders, why someone has gone into a coma, and also for helping people that suffer from epilepsy and seizures. In each of those cases, brain activity has been changed to such a dramatic degree that these conditions can occur. That's why using an EEG is so important in the medical industry today.

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